Sunrise at Sunset Point

This past September, I spent a week exploring Capitol Reef National Park and some of the surrounding area. This shot was captured at an area named Sunset Point. Ironically, it was taken at sunrise!
Thanks for looking, and if you’re ever interested in purchasing a print of any of the photographs featured here, please contact me at mcapurso@cox.netIMG_2032

Hot Pipes

Surrounded by giant saguaro cacti, an organ pipe cactus glows red in the last few minutes of daylight. Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.IMG_3133

Monsoon Light on Watson Lake

My apologies for not posting any new material in several months.

The monsoon season got off to a good start here in Arizona, but has since quieted down. This image was captured just before sunset in early July on Watson Lake, outside of Prescott, AZ. A powerful storm was just on the horizon, yet the afternoon sun managed to break through the clouds and light up the granite boulders surrounding the lake.

Please click on the photo for a more detailed view. Thanks for looking!IMG_6920

February Fog

A very rare foggy morning in the Sonoran Desert.IMG_5869

Greet the New Year

IMG_5335-DISTORT FIXEDJanuary 1st, 2015 brought unusually cold temperatures to the Sonoran Desert, and with those frosty temps came a rare snow storm. I was it the Four Peaks Wilderness before sunrise and was able to capture several images of the snow-covered landscape. What a great way to start the year!

Goblins Beneath the Milky Way

Remotely situated in the middle of nowhere, Goblin Valley State Park is miles away from any light pollution. I was in the area during a recent trip through Utah, and thought it would be a great place to capture a shot of the Milky Way on a moonless night.

I had finished shooting sunset, so I hiked back to my truck (2006 Nissan Pathfinder LE with failing air conditioning and worn tie rods) and had dinner as night fell. By the time I re-assembled my gear and donned my headlamp, the Milky Way was in full view above me.

I hiked back down into the valley and back to a group of hoodoos that I had scouted earlier to use as my foreground. I took my time positioning my camera and tripod, trying to compose a shot with the Milky Way between two prominent hoodoos. Then, I took several exposures of the stars at different settings, trying to find the best possible combination of brightness and sharpness. Next, I changed my camera settings to focus on shooting the hoodoos directly before me. I spent about an hour taking photos of the hoodoos while painting them with light from my headlamp. During one exposure, a car drove through the parking lot above the valley, painting the hoodoos with (what I thought was) just the right amount of light. Thank you, passing motorist!

Daybreak on The Needles

Sunrise in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. I had scouted out the general area for this shot the day before, so I knew that all I’d have to do is get there with enough time to find my way through and over some massive sandstone hoodoos. Thanks for looking.



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