Man vs. Mojave

I had ridden my motorcycle on the twisty roads that cross this desolate region and thought to myself “I’ve got to get out here with my camera some day”. When it came time to take a spring vacation, I decided that I would spend a few days camping in the area and shooting photos. Well, my vacation did not start well. I spent the first night freezing my butt off. Temperatures can easily drop 40 degrees when the sun goes down in the Mojave. I was prepared, but when I woke in the middle of the night, I was too lazy to dig out my warmer sleeping clothes. So I was cold all night. The next morning I was out scouting the area for possible places to shoot that afternoon. I was traversing a steep, rocky hillside like the one pictured above, when some loose rocks gave way beneath my feet, sending me tumbling. When I got up, I noticed a deep puncture wound in my left quadriceps, and damn it, I broke the interesting piece of Chola skeleton that I found. I rinsed out the wound with the water in my bottle, and hiked about a mile back to my truck, where I bandaged it with supplies from the authentic Nissan first aid kit that came as standard equipment in my Nissan Pathfinder. Then I drove to the nearest town (60 miles) and had it stitched up. I left the area without any good shots, but I returned a few days later, determined to capture something. And I think I did.

Archival prints of this photo are available for sale. For information, email

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