Flagstaff Again?

Someone recently criticized me for repeatedly visiting Wupatki National Monument (just north of Flagstaff, AZ) to photograph the 900 year old pueblos. “How can you keep going to the same place to shoot photos?” She said. An open mind and an eye for beauty can find beauty here at any time of the year. This photo of the Lomeki ruin was captured just before sunrise over Labor Day weekend, 2010. I’m already planning my next visit.

Archival prints of this photo are available for purchase.
For information, email mcapurso@cox.net

3 thoughts on “Flagstaff Again?

  1. We’re spending a couple of days here at your sister’s “River Garden.” The place is gorgeous, and Paula’s cooking is just heavenly. We were admiring the photos she has around. And she said if you like those let me show you some real pictures. She then showed us some of yours of the Southwest. All of them are truly stunning. I never knew the desert could be so colorful, not just the flowers, but the rocks, and backgrounds. I really love the photo with the lone tree flanked by the large boulders. Your use of light is awesome. Keep up the fantastic work.

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