For the past year, I’d been wanting to find a location that offered a grand view of the landscape near Lake Pleasant. The rugged mountain peaks in the distance always catch my eye when I’m in the area, but finding an area with an interesting foreground that still offered a decent view has been a challenge. I’ve hiked into the area many times, only to meet with obstacles that couldn’t be circumnavigated or by distractions that kept me from reaching my destination before the light ran out. On one trip, I slipped on some loose rock and partially tore some tendons in my quadracep. On another, I actually heard some gun nut’s—excuse me, some “marksman’s”—poorly aimed shots whizzing by me.

Yesterday, however, I finally made some progress. This photo was captured from a vantage point atop a rocky ledge amidst sustained 30+ mph winds. I’m still not thrilled with the view of the distant peaks, but I couldn’t ignore the sweeping view while this warm afternoon light was available.

Archival prints of this photo are available for purchase.
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