First Stop: Desert View

If you’re approaching Grand Canyon National Park’s south rim from the east entrance, the Desert View overlook is your first stop along the park drive. It was also my first stop on a recent 9 day trip to Utah’s spectacular canyon country. I left my home in Phoenix around 1:30 AM in order to be at Desert View to photograph what I hoped would be a colorful sunrise. I hadn’t been to the south rim since I moved to AZ almost 8 years ago, so I wanted to give myself plenty of time to put together a decent composition. When I arrived, the only other beings at the overlook were a group of healthy mule deer. I found my way around the safety barrier (What? That barrier is there for me too?), hiked down the canyon a couple hundred feet and got busy. This shot was captured just before the sun rose above the horizon. The mighty Colorado river lies in the distance.


One thought on “First Stop: Desert View

  1. Mark,

    It’s Paul from Mountainside…

    If possible, we want to get Teddy Bear Cholla and Monsoon printed and put on a board for later mounting…needs your autograph on each too!

    Let me know ehn it works for you to get it to me and how much for both.

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