Dead Horse Point: A New Day

After a very restful night’s sleep at campground just outside the park, I returned to the Dead Horse Point overlook to shoot sunrise. While shooting sunset the night before, I made a mental note of a spot that looked like it would lend itself well to early morning light. I carefully made my way down the upper portion of the cliff that led to the ledge I’d found the night before, only to find that another photographer had apparently made the same “mental note”! I said “Good Morning” but heard no reply. Perhaps he was as disappointed to see me as I was to see him. There was not much room on the ledge, and he had his tripod and camera set up in the exact spot that I wanted. I set up just behind him to the left, put together the best comp I could and went to work as the morning sun gradually illuminated the miles of winding canyons below us. At one point I glanced over my left shoulder and noticed this wonderfully warm glow created by the sun shining through the haze. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the other photog enviously watching what I was doing. Now I had the spot that he wanted! I adjusted my comp and let him set up next to me. When the light became too harsh to continue shooting, we packed it in and started hiking out. As we walked, he gave me a tip on a location that I’ll always be grateful for. That photo will be in my next post…


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