Discovering Marlboro Point

As soon as I finished shooting sunrise at the Dead Horse Point State Park view point, I headed out in search of the spot that my fellow photog had recommended. He called it “Marlboro Point”. There was no such location marked on the park map or the very detailed topographic map that I had brought with me. “follow the old Jeep road near the oil rig, go to the end, park, climb a fence, hike, climb another fence, hike…” There were no trail markers and his descriptions were vague. My memory–questionable at best. “Just follow your nose” he repeated a couple of times. I thought to myself, “Am I looking for Fruit Loops or scenic views?” I just kept walking in the general direction of the edge of the mesa. When I finally reached the edge, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a photographers paradise, with hundreds of interesting rock formations, gnarled junipers, and canyon views that stretched out before me for miles. But what really caught my eye were the two towering sandstone monoliths pictured here. I suspected that they would light up well in the afternoon sun, so when I returned that afternoon, I made it a point to capture this.  


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