Clearing Storm on the White Rim

Sunset had been a wash out. I ate my dinner in my truck, drove outside the Park and followed a dirt road until I found a spot that I thought would be fine to park for the night. Lying in the back of my truck and listening to the steady rain, I hoped that I wouldn’t be stuck in mud up to my axles in the morning.

When my alarm rang the next morning, the sky was still full of dark clouds, but the rain had stopped. A morning like this could bring the opportunity for a really spectacular shot! I got dressed, fired up the truck and carefully drove out. I had read about Murphy Point while researching for my trip, and looked forward to “sweeping views of The White Rim and mile upon mile of Canyonlands”.

I hiked out to the point. It was cold and damp, with occasional short rain showers. At one point, the rain started getting heavy. Then it turned to pea-sized hail. Still, I pressed on. I could see for miles to the north, south and east. The canyons to the south were completely in shadow under heavy clouds and rain. To the east, the sky was slowly getting brighter as the sun prepared to rise. Looking north, I noticed some breaks in the clouds and realized that if I was going to come away with anything this morning, this would be the direction I’d need to shoot. I found what I thought was a good composition, waited for the sun to shine through a break in the clouds, and captured the shot you see below.


2 thoughts on “Clearing Storm on the White Rim

    • Thanks Rebecca! You could get this shot too–You just need to be at the right place at the right time. In this case it meant getting up before sunrise and getting caught in a rain storm, but I got the shot!

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