The Waiting

Arriving at the Green River Overlook almost three hours before sunset, I had no idea what conditions would be like by the end of the day. At the moment, however, skies were completely overcast and no sun light was penetrating the dark blanket of clouds overhead. This area is perfect for people who aren’t able to hike long distances or don’t have a lot of time. You can just park your car, grab your camera and walk 50 feet to the edge of the cliffs. So I parked my truck, grabbed my gear and hiked along the edge of the 2000 foot cliffs until the developed area was well out of sight! I found an area that looked like it would make a really interesting shot. It was on a small ledge, perhaps 10 feet wide. To my back, a vertical rock face rose a few hundred feet above me. In front of me, the 2000 foot drop that reached the canyons of the Green River. Two hours until sunset and still no sun. I had my shot composed, so what now? I hiked around the general area, looking for back up compositions. I hunted for petroglyphs. At one point, I thought I spied what looked like the remains of an ancient pueblo on a ridge below me. I made my way down to it, only to determine that it was not really a ruin, but a small, recently constructed stone wall. Maybe a bored photographer built it while waiting for the sun to make an appearance.

I climbed back up to my tripod and camera. The sky was starting to show a little promise, but time was running out. Finally, with about ten minutes remaining before the sun would sink below the horizon, a break in the clouds opened and painted the sandstone cliffs with beautiful, warm light. My original composition was fine, but this alternate—with it’s gnarled pinion pines in the foreground—ended up being my favorite.


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