Goblins Invade Utah’s Canyon Country!

Ever since I’d first seen photos of Goblin Valley State Park, I knew my curiosity would not let me rest until I took the time to explore it. The park’s proximity to the Maze section of Canyon and Horseshoe Canyon (also on my itinerary) made it possible for me to spend a day or two there. The valley is only about a mile across and two miles long, but it’s filled with thousands of mushroom shaped hoodoos, ranging from a couple of feet to several stories in hight. I some areas, the hoodoos are so close together that they form a maze. In fact, after I’d finished shooting, I had to climb down from where I was set up into the taller hoodoos to get back to my truck. Once I was in the midst of the hoodoos, it took me at least a half hour to find my way out!   


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