Toroweap Sunset

The rainbow gradually disappeared, but there were probably thirty minutes of daylight before the sun would sink below the horizon. As I turned around to survey the view to the west, it was apparent that I would have to scramble uphill over about a half mile of boulders to gain a good vantage point over the canyon for the best light. Just as I reached the top of the climb, the walls on the opposite side of the canyon began to glow a deep, deep red.

I carefully moved from boulder to boulder and took numerous shots as the warm light continued to illuminate the canyon walls. From where I stood, it was 3000 feet straight down to the Colorado River. This photo is actually a 3 shot panorama, and each shot is a mix of 2 different exposures (one for the bright sky, one for the dark canyon).


2 thoughts on “Toroweap Sunset

  1. Mark, this is one of the most beautiful images of Toroweap that I have seen. The composition, exposure, and color are inspiring! Did you blend the different exposures in Photoshop?

    • Yes I did John, and thanks very much for the praise! I don’t use filters (other than a polarizer), so for shots like this I take multiple exposures and combine them in Photoshop.

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