Toroweap, Day Two

I hiked back to my truck with a huge smile on my face. The first day of my first visit to Toroweap and not ony did I capture images of a rainbow over the Grand Canyon, I was also treated to an intense sunset after the rainbow faded! I was elated!

The next morning I woke to a cloudless sky and decided to catch up on the sleep I had deprived myself of by waking at 4 AM the day before. When I finally rose I took a long hike and explored the area, keeping an eye out for possible locations to shoot that evening or at sunrise the following day. The hiking was interesting. With so many secondary canyons feeding into the main (Grand) canyon, my route zig-zagged back and forth, covering many miles on land but actually taking me a few miles as the crow flies.

The late afternoon brought near cloudless, uninteresting skies. I hiked to the canyons edge regardless. Capturing several dozen exposures, I really didn’t expect much in the way of interesting photos, especially after what I had witnessed the night before. This photo, while nowhere near as dramatic as the previous day’s sunset, is a perfect example of what a difference cloud cover and atmosphere (there was a lot of smoke/dust in the air on my first night) can make on the character of light in a landscape photo. Though taken from basically at the same location at the same time as the photo in my previous post, the canyon takes on a totally different feel.


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