When a Single Rainbow Just Won’t Do

It was my third day at Toroweap and I’d not yet shot a sunrise over the canyon. Even though the sky was relatively cloudless, I got dressed and hiked over to the canyon with my gear. At the very least, I would at least take a couple quick shots with my iPhone that I could send to friends as soon as I was able to pick up a signal.

After my quick shoot, I returned to camp, ate breakfast, cleaned up and started another hike. I headed out in the opposite direction as the day before and discovered a few possibilities for future compositions. As I was returning to camp, I noticed that the sky was gradually becoming increasingly cloudy. The rain began just as I arrived at my truck. I grabbed my king-sized reclining camp chair and dragged it under an enormous sandstone overhang. With a book and a bottle of water, I sat down, reclined and was soon napping.

When I awoke, the rain had slowed and the sky was becoming a little brighter. It was time to head back to the canyon to capture the late afternoon light and sunset, if conditions allowed. It was only sprinkling as I began my walk, but as I reached the canyon’s edge it started coming down heavier and I started scanning the immediate area for any kind of shelter I could find. I spotted an area that I thought would offer protection from the rain and quickly made my way over to it. I was just catching my breath when I turned to look back toward the canyon. A HUGE double rainbow was floating above it, with one end seeming to begin directly before me at the bottom of the canyon!

I ran back to the edge and set up my gear as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, by the time I got there and was ready to shoot, part of the rainbow was gone. But I won’t complain about this shot!


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