Living For The Light

My brother Michael recently described me as “Living for the light”.  No doubt an accurate description. Monday through Friday I torture myself at work by looking out my office window at the southwestern skies, knowing I’m trapped until the weekend. As I drive to or from work, I’m always aware of the rising or setting sun, admiring the glow it lends to the concrete structures along the busy Interstate and wishing I were somewhere remote and beautiful instead of crawling along in traffic. Even on the weekends, I keep an eye trained to the north, where the open desert lie, and watch the skies as sunset approaches.

This is another shot from Toroweap. When I finished shooting the double rainbow, I turned westward and began quickly walking toward a spot that I’d previously determined to be the best viewpoint for sunset. Almost as soon as I began walking this scene came into view. The way the sun filtered through the juniper pine was almost magical. This was the light I’d been looking for!


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