Mind If I Borrow Your Pants?

I finished shooting the Hop Valley from my position atop the red sandstone hoodoos and hiked back down to the trailhead where the Nissan Pathfinder was parked. By the time I’d finished my breakfast and got myself cleaned up, the sky had become filled with clouds again. The lack of sun kept temperatures from getting much warmer than they had been overnight–probably in the low 40’s. I reached in my duffel bag for some warmer clothes, only to realize I had failed to pack any long pants! My previous 4 days at Toroweap were warm, and when I left Phoenix and its triple digit temperatures, the thought of putting on jeans never entered my mind. Oh well, I thought, it’s not that cold. I spent the rest of the day exploring and scouting for possible shooting locations, and ended up camping near Hop Valley again, but not at the trail head

When I awoke the next morning I was delighted to see that a couple of inches of fresh snow had fallen over night. Fresh snow on red rocks would be a real treat for me! I had to drive a short distance to the area that I planned to shoot, so I fired up the Nissan Pathfinder. The on-board meteorological centers temperature display read 26 degrees! That’s when I remembered that I had only packed shorts. Still, I was not going to let a little cold air stop me from capturing the beautiful landscape before me. I ran down the Hop Valley trail with my gear in tow, the snowy underbrush hitting my legs as I went. I was so excited I barely felt it, and after I started shooting I failed to notice the cold at all!


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