Best Be Movin’

I had just reclined for an afternoon nap in the warm afternoon sun when I noticed the big black storm clouds rapidly approaching from the west. This was not a “might rain” situation. It was definitely going to rain, and from the looks of it, it was going to rain hard. I folded up my Cabela Deluxe Camp Recliner and put it in the back of the Nissan Pathfinder LE (in Avalanche White with charcoal leather interior). I suspected that the red dirt that I was parked upon would turn into a slick, snotty mess in a heavy rain, and I had no desire to be stuck there if it did (the Pathfinder is only 2 wheel drive, and even my advanced off-road driving skills are no match for the Sedona red slime). Just as I was driving away, the sky opened and let loose a torrent of cold spring rain. When I reached the pavement—some 30 minutes later—the rain ended just as quickly as it started. The sky to the west began to clear and past experience had taught me that these were perfect conditions for a rainbow. My surroundings were less than perfect for a compelling landscape shot, but there was no time to find anything better so I did the best I could. I was out of my truck and mounting my camera to the tripod just as this double rainbow formed. It only lasted for a minute, so I was very happy that I decided not to look for a better composition.


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