“I want to go out there! I want to go where that man’s standing!” I heard a young voice excitedly exclaim. “You’re NOT going out there!” responded the child’s mother.

I was at Cape Royal (the highest viewpoint at the Grand Canyon’s north rim) waiting to photograph the late afternoon light on the canyon walls. The view from the securely fence-lined viewpoint was just a little too restrictive for me, so I had made my way out to the edge of one of the sandstone ledges on the edge of the canyon. There were no rails or fences to block my view or stop me from plummeting thousands of feet, and there was little doubt that the tourists behind me probably thought I was out of my mind.

The atmosphere was hazy, as it often is at the Grand Canyon in July. I usually don’t like hazy conditions, because the haze will limit visibility. In this situation, however, I feel it adds a sense of depth and distance to the scene. The dappled sunlight on the canyon slopes was what caught my eye as I composed the picture.


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