Return to Marlboro Point

I hadn’t planned on staying in Arches more than 2 days, but the Fall color had changed that. I had been there for 4 days and was having a hard time ignoring the lure of nearby Canyonlands National Park and its sweeping views. My original plan was to spend one night at Marlboro Point, shooting sunset and sunrise, and then shoot some of the overlooks in Canyonlands. The sky looked very promising for sunset, and I had no problem remembering the dirt roads that I had traveled the last time I visited the point. It rained for an hour or two, so I spent some time just reading in my truck. The rain tapered off with just enough time to hike to the point before the light got good. Temperatures had dropped that day in the Moab area, and they were even colder at this higher elevation. I was bundled up as much as I possibly could, but the strong winds whipping up from the canyon still seemed to go right through me. Still, the scenery at Marlboro Point made it worth the temporary shivers.


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