Sedona Super Storm

Sometimes it’s easy. There was no long hike, steep climb or dense brush to navigate. This shot was captured from the parking lot of an abandoned building atop a large hill in Sedona. I’d driven by the site several times in the past and admired the sweeping view, waiting for the right time to take advantage of it. That time came last Saturday afternoon. When we pulled in the parking lot, the entire landscape was shaded by a thick blanket of clouds. Lightning was flashing from the darkest areas of the sky, and I set up my camera determined to capture at least one shot of a bolt. Winds gradually picked up as the storm system came closer, and the temperature dropped 15 degrees within an hour! When the sun peeked through a break in the clouds, the contrast between the brightly lit trees and the dark skies was fantastic!

Click on the photo for a better view…



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