Pining Pinion

My eyes scanned the jagged cliffs below the Mojave Point viewing area on the Grand Canyon’s south rim, looking for an interesting spot to photograph the sunset. 50 feet below the steel safety wall, a small island of Kaibab sandstone rose above the abyss. A lone pinion pine grew there, not more than two feet tall.

Tourists started gathering along the rail as the sun inched towards the horizon. Some watched with curiosity as I made my way around the wall and very carefully down the steep cliff to the sandstone island. The lone pine made an interesting subject as the light changed from warm and bright to the soft glow seen here. This shot was captured probably ten to fifteen minutes after the sun set.

Click on the photo for a better view…



4 thoughts on “Pining Pinion

  1. Great tone and color on this photo! Grand Canyon photos will never get old to me. I’ve also had that feeling of onlookers focused on me climbing to set up for a shot on a cliff. Most recently, I had someone yell “don’t jump!” I was like really?

    • Thanks DG. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been to the Grand Canyon since I moved to AZ ten years ago, yet I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

    • Thank you Jared. This was my first time visiting the canyon in winter, and even though I wasn’t lucky enough to get fresh snow, I really enjoyed being able to visit the spots along Hermit’s Rest Road without taking that shuttle bus!

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