I’ll Take You There

Someone recently thanked me for giving them the opportunity to “see places that we will never see in person”. For most of you, this is one of those places.

Tatahatso Point offers an outstanding view of the Colorado River several miles before it reaches the Grand Canyon. Like many of the spots I travel to for photography, I’d seen a few photos of it and knew I had to see it for myself. The Point is located on Navajo land, so a permit must be obtained before one can legally travel to it. Once a permit is granted, the real fun begins. Directions to Tatahatso Point are not easy to come by. Very little information is available, even on the internet. I managed to land written directions from a fellow photographer (thanks Doug) who’d been out there before. I located the turnoff from US 89 onto Navajo land. The Navajo roads are unpaved and unmarked, with what seemed like a fork every mile of the 20 or so miles that lead to my destination. It was slow going. I would set my trip meter, refer to the directions, drive the designated distance, re-set my trip meter, refer to the directions, and so on. The route took me across wide open, rolling plains. It was open range and I saw the occasional herd of wild horses. One would never guess that such an expansive canyon view lie just a few more miles due west.

Finally, after a wrong turn or two, I arrived at the viewpoint. A small rock fire ring was really the only evidence that anyone had ever spent any time here, and I was delighted to have the spot to myself. The sky was mostly cloudy and I didn’t get the sunset I’d hoped for, but I did manage to capture this shot while a bit of sun broke through long enough to light up the buttes in the foreground. The scene is so vast that it couldn’t be captured entirely in one shot, even with a wide-angle lens.  This is three vertical shots blended together in Photoshop to make a large panorama.

Click on the photo for a better view.



4 thoughts on “I’ll Take You There

  1. Mark, even without a nuclear sunset, the soft light in the canyon is nice. I sure do like the solitude this stretch of the canyon affords.

    • Thanks Doug. I’ve wanted to go back since the day I left, and after seeing your recent shots I realized that I should compose some shots that offer something other than just the super-wide angle view of just the canyon.

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