December’s Warmth

A massive Giant Saguaro cactus greets one of the last days of 2016. Captured at sunrise on Christmas Eve.dsc_6221


4 thoughts on “December’s Warmth

  1. Hi Mark,
    I enjoyed seeing your images tonight. My wife and I are thinking about spending Feb. in Scottsdale next year. Are there any locations close to Scottsdale that would be viable for landscape capture for that time of year? I have visited many locations in AZ and UT but I am not familiar with this part of AZ. Thank you for your assistance.
    Ronald G. Levi. (I live in Ohio)

    • Hi Ronald. Thanks for the kind words. “December’s Warmth” was actually photographed in North Scottsdale at the McDowell Sonoran Desert Preserve. Where you stay in Scottsdale will determine your proximity to good locations to shoot. If you’re in Old Town Scottsdale, this spot could be at least 45 minutes away. The farther north, the closer you’ll be.Enjoy your stay!

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