The Panorama Page


Canyonlands National Park, Needles District, 10 shot panorama, late afternoon.

COAL MINE_Panorama1 - Copy

Northern Arizona Navajo Country Canyon, 3 shot panorama, sunset.


Hopi Point, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ. 5 shot panorama, late afternoon.


Gunsight Butte on Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, UT. 2 shot panorama, sunset.


Four Peaks Wilderness, Sonoran Desert, AZ. 4 shot panorama, sunrise.

NEEDLES POTHOLE_Panorama1Pothole Point, Canyonlands National Park, UT. 5 shot panorama, sunset.

CINDER CONE_Panorama1Cinder Cones near Flagstaff, AZ. 4 shot panorama, noon.

YAKI_Panorama2Yaki Point, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ. 4 shot panorama, sunrise.

YAVAPAI_SUNRISE_Panorama1Yavapai Point, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ. 2 shot panorama, sunrise.

Near Sunset Crater National Monument, Flagstaff, AZ. 4 shot panorama.


Fay Canyon, Sedona AZ. 2 shot panorama.

Red Rock Secret Wilderness, Sedona, AZ. 2 shot panorama, mid morning.

Kolob Plateau, Zion National Park, UT. 3 shot panorama, sunset.

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ, South Rim. 5 shot panorama, sunset.

Muley Point, Utah. 5 shot panorama, sunrise.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Green River Overlook. 5 shot panorama, sunset.

Muley Point, Utah. 6 shot panorama, sunset.


19 thoughts on “The Panorama Page

  1. Hello, Mark,

    I am your mother’s cousin, Barbara Chew, and my sister and I are visiting Anne and her sisters at Paula’s lovely B&B, and will be here until Thursday.

    Some of your wonderful photographs are displayed in the music room, and there is one that I particularly admire. It’s untitled, but it looks like the beginning of the world, with rocks in the foreground, and a bit of light seeping through clouds at the upper left.

    I’d very much like to have this picture in my life if it’s available and I can afford it. Please let me know.

    We’ve been catching up with family news, of course, and I’ve greatly enjoyed meeting you, however vicariously, and becoming acquainted with your many talents. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi Mark! Your photos are amazing! You really have a knack for capturing dramatic light, which takes patience and experience, as well as skill. So glad you gave me your card to look these images up and drink in their beauty!

    • Thanks Debbie! It’s true, most would not wake before sunrise or miss dinner to see the landscape in the best light, but that’s one of the reasons I enjoy doing it–to share what I see with everyone!

    • Thanks Michelle! All of these panoramas were created because I was in places that had too much scenery to capture in one shot. So I made sure my camera was level on the tripod, took a shot, rotated the camera a few degrees, took another shot, rotated again, and so on. Then, when I get home, I blend the separate shots together in Photoshop. It can take some time, and it doesn’t always work, but when it does it creates some great images that can be printed very large and still be razor sharp. Glad you enjoy, and thanks for looking.

  3. Hello Mark All your photos are terrific. I am a retired photo enthusiast. We moved to AZ from NV two years ago. Your photos have inspired me to get back out there at sunrise, sunset and bad weather. We bought a tiny Casita trailer and are heading to exciting locations around AZ. We so far have been to Catalina Mtns, Lost Dutchman State Park and looking forward to Organ Pipe National Monument and other locations for wildflowers. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Bill, Thank you so much for the very kind words, and please accept my apology for not responding sooner–for some reason, WordPress did not notify me of your comment.
      I’m very happy that my work has inspired you to get out there again. I sure with that I could get out more often. Organ Pipe is fantastic, but you’d better get down there before it gets hot! Enjoy!

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